Website Design

Stefano Pretto

Stefano is the manager of a 25-person team at a digital advertising agency helping Amazon sellers stand out and grow their business.


Stefano wanted a website that represents himself: simple, clean, and minimalist. While taking back the colors of his brand identity: black, yellow, and red.

The purpose of Stefano’s showcase website was to present himself in more detail to his Youtube audience and to present his services that he didn’t discuss in detail on Youtube.

Regarding future prospects, it was important to talk about his Youtube channel on his website.

Stefano also wanted a website to launch his newsletter, which will help him generate more traffic on his website and allow him to build an email list.


“After 2 years of freelancing, I didn’t have a website, so I decided to invest and Océane created an excellent website in less than a month, amazing! To all freelancers/entrepreneurs who want to create a brand identity online, I highly recommend working with Océane. I have a YT channel, but my subscribers did not have a clear vision of who I was and what my services were. Now with my new website, it’s very easy to get this information!”

Stefano Pretto