Mobile App Creation

Whether it is when designing a mobile application or when redesigning it, a very specific 6-step process applies.

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Step 1 Objectives

First, we define together the problem of your digital product and what can be improved. I also evaluate the market you are in and your competitors. Finally, we agree on an objective to be achieved at the end of our collaboration.

Step 2 Personas

Creating Personas is an essential element in order to understanding which different profiles interact with your product/service and therefore your future mobile application. This analysis will allow us to create the most appropriate design for your audience.

Step 3 Site Map

The user journey takes into account the main elements (pages) that will appear on your mobile application and how they are interconnected.

This step is essential in creating a mobile app because it represents its skeleton.

Step 4 Wireframes

The wireframes are the first drawings of the mobile application that show globally and simply how each page will be structured. Many backs and forths between you and me will be done before validating the final models and finally moving to UI Design.

Step 5 UI Design

Finally, UI Design is the step that brings your mobile application to life thanks to colors, typographies, icons, and the entire design system.

Step 6 Prototype

Finally, you will participate in a fictitious presentation of the final design of the mobile application where you can interact with the product, and test it to make the final adjustments. Once the product is finalized, all the necessary elements for your developer will be given. Of course, I would remain available after the end of our collaboration.

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