Website Redesign


Nomadz is an Amazon digital advertising agency dedicated to helping Amazon sellers make themselves more visible and grow their business through personalized strategies.


Lucas contacted me when the company was expanding, gaining awareness, and expanding its team.

The American company in green and orange colors wanted to have a website that represented their expertise and their simple and fun brand identity.

To do this, it was important to create a clean site, without too much text, rather visual-oriented with images and colors of the company throughout it.

In just 3 months, after the website redesign, 24 contact forms have been completed. This form allowed the company to welcome 5 new customers. These 5 new contracts have generated an additional revenue estimated at +$100k.


Website before the redesign by

“In less than 3 weeks, we had a great new website and 8 new leads in the first week without much effort on our part!! Océane quickly understood our company and now our website seems much more professional. The previous freelancer took 4 months to build a website that we were not satisfied with… In a word, I highly recommend working with Océane!”

Lucas Kwiatkowski